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Meal Outpost

Meal Outpost is a platform that provides full-service decentralized expansion for restaurants and food brands allowing them to scale based on current trends in the market.  

One way Meal Outpost supports restaurant brands is through their interaction points with end consumers through immersive experiences, decentralized kitchens, and crypto payment gateways. 

 Driving Crypto Adoption in the Food Industry

Meal Outpost is currently exploring partnerships with crypto and web3 platforms to build out this branch of the business. Here are a few options explored during Graph Hack to integrate into our larger roadmap. Recognition of these endeavors would support further exploration of these programs & quicker implementation into the food industry.


Platform Integration

Integrate crypto onramps and payment options into Meal Outpost's flagship platform offered to food franchise locations & brands.


Tool Marketplace

Highlight crypto platforms and easily adoptable chains for primary food industry customers to adopt and as a resource for additional food brands.


Web3 Education for Restaurants

Provide web3 and crypto education classes & materials for restaurants and other food related brands to show the opportunities it brings.


Activations at Food Locations

Host activations to create connection between end users and crypto and web3 platforms in an environment they frequent & trust.

MO’s team of Big Thinkers

has over a decade of experience in ghost kichens and small business community building

Help onboard a rising market to adopt Web3 

Gen Z is 3x more likely to order food delivery than their parents – what if this food was all ordered in crypto?

Dark kitchen market growth is set for $1T by 2030 – what if this growth was all transacted in crypto?

End customers We Serve

with many others in the pipeline as we continue to build

"MO is focusing on all the right things in order to scale your business"

Restaurant Owners are turning to Meal Outpost as a trusted source for their digitization and decentralization strategy and needs. Become part of the recommended solutions and providers positioned at the leading edge of the future of restaurants.